Learning to Grow… Growing to Learn

Ecole Active offers a stimulating environment that encourages individual building of knowledge. The school proposes learning approaches that make sense to each student. In this way they understand what they are studying, discover their own ways of learning, as well as the personal and social benefits of learning. The searching child becomes an active learner, helping his/her peers and getting support from them. Therefore, he/she really takes ownership of each new studied concept. He/she enriches his/her abilities to be responsible and independent, which are fundamental skills for his/her future life as a citizen.

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From age 3 to 6

Starting school for the first time, children aged 3 to 6 will enter a completely new world, a place of interactions that has its own rules…

class 01


From age 3 to 6

Between “early childhood” and “childhood”, pupils aged 3 to 6 will take advantage of this time to enter consciously and cooperatively into basic school learning

class 02


From age 6 to 8

This period is mainly an opportunity to consolidate learning skills…

class 03


From age 8 to 10

A time to strengthen academic and social skills, endeavour to make the child active, independent and creative in his/her learning

class 04


From age 10 to 12

A particular emphasis will be put on the successful completion of primary school and preparation for secondary school.

class 05


So many special moments at Ecole Active: the class council, the older students sponsoring and taking younger students under their wing, the meals taken together every day, the personal projects… all nourishing the ground for dialogue.

Former student's parents

D. was very fortunate to be a student at Ecole Active. He grew up to become confident and well prepared for the Cycle. And as parents, we were reassured!

Former student's parents

By choosing to send my children to Ecole Active, I wanted to give them the opportunity to work with a teaching staff that is sensitive to their personalities and their desire to learn. Teachers, who would allow them to think for themselves, to build their knowledge with confidence. I was not disappointed. Today they are responsible adults who give themselves the means to succeed in their lives.

Former student's parents

Thank you for this year of rebuilding and valuing the human beings who inhabit this school ! N. will not forget it, and neither will we!

Former student's parents

Categorised as a dyslexic, none of my son’s qualities were recognised in the public system. He attended the Ecole Active from the 4th to the 8th grade and was able to regain confidence and joie de vivre while making progress in his studies. Today, at the age of 20, he is going to take his Baccalaureate in philosophy in May. When he talks about his schooling, it is Ecole Active that has left him with the best memories, in particular the strong and supportive relationships he had with his teachers.

Former student's parents

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