Starting in 3P, students participate in a weekly workshop led by a visual arts teacher

Visual arts teacher

Wire, glue, metal, threads and string, wood, bricks, stones, fabric, cardboard, screws, nails and bolts… And much more: clay, sand, water, pencils and pastels, paper, brushes, gouaches (but only five basic colours: black, white, yellow, red, blue to then make yourself all the colours you want!) And then, dreams, ideas, pleasure, doing… and an eraser for when you made a mistake (it’s reassuring!).
We can now work and create with our stained fingers, all kinds of objects that until now, existed only in our imagination….


Creation, expression, conception, work, imagination, realization, transformation, history, culture, invention, freedom, repetition, exceeding, test, technique, constraint, learning, disappointment, dissatisfaction, frustration, falsification, idealization, imitation, imperfection, gratification, gratuity, project, object, repair, recognition, reward, subject, truth, authenticity, criticism, disagreement, concentration, temporality, negation, disappearance, money, commitment, exclusion, advice, isolation, avoidance, courage, risk, intimacy, value, judgment, hope, sublime, public, confrontation, perception, gesture, action, vision, exposure, skin, reception, gift, thought, manual, spiritual, reflection, mirror, hesitation, decision, doubt, other, listening, idea, new, original, unique, singular, inspiration, copy, interpretation, look, fear, admiration, pride, shame, requirement, cruelty, envy, effort, tiredness, despair, encouragement, resource, surprise, alternation, opposition, balance, best, competition, choice, light, succession, waiting, speed, representation, completeness, recipient, emptiness, shadow, relief, distance, detachment, separation, compensation, loss, regret, play, conservation, challenge, good, beautiful, complex, quantity, enumeration, economy, measure, precision, blur, link, limit, colour, warmth, emotion, gaze, silence, simplicity, possibility, mastery, unfinished, pleasure…

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