We strive to establish a good relationship with the parents of the students, based on listening, collaboration and mutual support. This desire is inherent in the Ecole Active pedagogical project. It is fundamental for us to work towards a reciprocal understanding between parents and the school and we welcome regular meetings.


The collaboration between the actors responsible for a child’s education is essential to successful learning. Several times a year, evaluation interviews between parents and teachers ensure information is regularly exchanged on the evolution of the student. These discussions reinforce the child’s integration of academic and social learning, and the feeling of concerted support by the adults in his/her life.

Parents are welcome to participate in school life

Parents can also get involved in the life of the school: accompany outings, intervene in class, participate in the organization of events, help to maintain the games, the garden, lend a hand at the Bricol’Active (maintenance of the premises and the park, followed by a potluck picnic).

Parents Association

The Active Parents Association (APA) is an important partner of the school. All parents have the possibility to join. It is represented at the General Assembly of the Ecole Active de Malagnou Association.