Reference texts frame the values and rules that structure social interactions at school.
These are regulated through individualised support and reference bodies. The aim of these different tools is to give each child a sense of responsibility in his/her relationship with others and in relation to his/her learning experience. They give meaning and an official framework to the continued challenge of “Living and working together”.

Individualised listening

Interpersonal listening between adult and pupil is privileged on a daily basis, whether or not the pupil wishes to express him/herself in class council. This help gives each person an additional, more confidential means of expressing their concerns and questions. He/she can be sure that he/she will be listened to attentively, without any judgement in return. It is a privileged time to help the child to reflect on his/her problems and put solutions in place.

Sponsorship: The pupils can also appeal to their sponsors. On arrival at Ecole Active, each new student is sponsored by one of his/her older peers. The sponsors commit themselves to the new pupil in order to facilitate his/her integration and his/her life in the school throughout the school year. The sponsorship ceremony is one of the highlights of the school camp in the autumn.

Mediation: older students can become mediators as soon as they reach 5P. Following a specific training course, they are recognised in the school as people who can help to resolve minor conflicts between children.

Reference bodies

  • The class council is a weekly time of social regulation. It is a place where each pupil has the opportunity to speak about his/her projects and difficulties at school. The peers are asked to propose ideas to help the problems presented evolve in a positive way. Thanks to its formal functioning, for which the teacher is the guarantor, the class council allows a regular follow-up of the proposals accepted by the protagonists.
  • The school council is a body which meets eight times a year, bringing together the elected delegates from each class and teacher delegates. Their responsibility is to transmit the proposals submitted by the classes, to debate them and to endorse them, or not. Here projects and problems concern the life of the school as a whole.

The reference texts