The library is space of discovery and learning that is fundamental to every student at Ecole Active. The assiduous reading of children’s literature and non-fiction books enriches the skills of each learner beyond the academic learning process.


At Ecole Active, all pupils from the age of 3 are welcome in the library in small groups, once week.
More than 4000 books are available to them. They will find documentaries, stories, legends, novels, poetry, student publications, comics, mangas, newspapers,…

The librarian leads workshops that allow the students to get to know, and use the wealth of the book collection.

The children benefit from: free readings, author and illustrator promotions, presentations of new books, literary exchanges, improving their reading skills, help in finding necessary information for research work… and of course, advice for individual book loans.

The resources that students draw from the library also contribute to individual, class and school projects.

As they progress through Ecole Active, whether they are budding readers or experts, the children will be able to:

  • Immerse themselves in personal reading
  • Enjoy listening to a story, ears wide open, imagination running free…
  • Search for and take ownership of new literary, cultural, artistic, scientific and philosophical knowledge
  • Connect their own experiences / knowledge with their current reading
  • Develop their reading network
  • Better understand and question the world around them
  • Enrich their imagination and their range of emotions
  • Share and promote their latest reading to their peers
  • Develop a critical sense by discussing the content and form of a text
  • Express personal interpretations and thoughts, without fear of judgement
  • Read a book again and again if they wish or to put it aside midway
  • Explore the explicit and implicit meanings of a story
  • Create their own texts by building the necessary skills to do so
  • Discover authors, illustrators and professionals in the book trade
  • Get to know and use the computerized library system

The High Street

“Sally’s in the High Street and this is what she needs…..

a yellow rose,
a garden hose,
a bunch of grapes,
some roller skates,
a cockatoo,
a tin kazoo,
a Persian rug,
a stripy jug,
a cherry tart,
a candy heart.

Mr Foggins’ sweet shop is here at number one,
with bars of chocolate, lollipops and packs of bubble gum.

Jars of toffee stack up to the ceiling from the floor.
Sally licks her lips with glee and opens the door…..”

Text and illustrations by Alice Melvin / Tate Edition