The school makes the teaching of foreign languages an absolute priority: to awaken the child to different cultural horizons and other linguistic codes, to understand and use the oral language, to understand the importance of writing, to express one’s feelings or communicate one’s opinion, to find pleasure in reading simple texts.

German teacher for students from 5P to 8P

Learning German at Ecole Active is based on the Plan d’Etudes Romand (PER) and proposes an active approach to the language.
From the beginning, each student is encouraged to discover the German language and culture through short scenes, songs and games.

Testing different strategies, reflecting on mistakes, sharing “Eureka” moments, finding solutions to communicate better are all part of the learning process.

The main objective is that students are able to express themselves in German without fear, using simple structures to: talk about themselves, their family, their friends, the world around them (school, home, city…), and to be sufficiently autonomous in different everyday situations (taking the bus, going to the shops…).

We use the same material as the public schools in French-speaking Switzerland, “Der Grüne Max pour la Romandie”. This is complemented by projects chosen and carried out by the students: identifying and recording grammar rules, creating a comic strip, an illustrated dictionary, organizing an end-of-year trip to Germany (7P-8P).

Bilingual immersion

Children aged 3 to 10 (including 6P) benefit from a bilingual French-English immersion program.

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