During the second cycle, the focus is on consolidating basic learning. In terms of reading, they are encouraged to look for books that make sense to them, that interest them and that they enjoy reading. For mathematics and scientific concepts, they are encouraged to adopt a research posture, by stimulating their curiosity and desire to understand

Cycle II Class (3P-4P), Bilingual Teaching – Cédric, Monika

and Ruth

School work is done in immersion, 75% in French and 25% in English.

In English, the first part of the day is devoted to understanding and practising the language with the help of books, games, puzzles, individual and group projects (illustrated vocabulary cards, grammar tutorials, games in English in preparation for moments when the class works together with classes 1 and 2).
Science is often on the menu for the second part of the day: experiments, questions and research are carried out to the delight of the children.
The children are encouraged not only to understand but also to actively use English to communicate with each other and with the English speaking teacher throughout the day, as well as during class meetings.

In French, we explore many different types of writing: children’s literature, albums, game rules, pupils’ productions, educational websites… Various types of texts offer lots of opportunities to observe and analyse the structure of a text and to experiment with the specificities of written and oral language.
Through workshops, pupils are invited to experiment and explore in order to find learning strategies that suit them. Numerous tools are available to help them learn the concepts of the curriculum in different ways.
Every day, students can choose to work on topics individually or in groups, using paper, computer or other educational material. The main objective is the joy of learning through making their own choices and constructing their own vision of the world.
Living together in the classroom, an atmosphere of collaboration and joint exploration is stimulated to experience the benefits of collaboration and mutual help. Different communication spaces are offered for the children to share their experiences as well as foster self-respect and respect for others.

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